We serve pre-health students, from current undergraduate students to nontraditional students.

From the undergraduate student just getting their feet wet to the nontraditional student pursuing a health professional career later in life, HPSA aims to assist underserved students in their educational journey.

Becoming a healthcare professional is an arduous journey that requires prospective students to complete many hurdles. Being a successful applicant requires more than good grades and test scores. Students need to complete volunteering and public service, shadowing, and potentially research. We provide resources to underserved students that maximize their admission chances to health professional schools. We work tirelessly to ensure all students have access to reliable information and the resources they need to be successful healthcare professional students. 

Take a look at some of the many resources we provide.

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Our Purpose

HPSA provides a range of services and resources designed to help students from underserved communities increase their chance of admission to health professional schools.
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Our History

Founded in 1983 to advance the study and promotion of primary care, our vision and mission is based on years of research.
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Our People

Our team’s number one mission is to help all students achieve their goal of health professional school admissions.
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